All the crimes of SDSM and Zaev come to light, claims VMRO-DPMNE


All the crimes of SDSM and Zaev are coming to light. No empty statement from
SDSM can hide the crimes of Zaev and his brother, points out opposition VMRO-
"There are talks in the Public Prosecutor's Office in which Zoran Zaev and his
brother Vice Zaev organize a criminal association involved in electoral crime. The
Italian media outlet "La Verita" has once again revealed Zaev's criminal character”,
said the opposition party.
“In 2014, Zaev, as leader of SDSM and Mayor of the Municipality of Strumica,
together with his brother Vice were direct participants in electoral corruption,
electoral bribery, threats, blackmail and pressure. They were part of an electoral
fraud, an act that is not outdated. Zoran and Vice Zaev arrange for revenge on
dissenters and bribes for those who agree to bend their spine. "
Therefore, VMRO-DPMNE says there will be accountability for this after April 12, i.e.
Zoran and Vice Zaev will be brought to justice.

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