Milososki: The letters from Janeva to Joveski are not love letters, the public should see them


VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki, a member of the working group on the Law
on Public Prosecutor's Office, said today that the public debate largely confirmed
many of the opposition's earlier remarks on what he said was an incomplete and
very flawed law.

– Only those who worked on this text praised their own work, like academic
Kambovski, while the expert public was quite specific and critical. Our conclusion
from the public debate is that most of the experts present in the legal and academic
field have recommended that this Draft Law on Public Prosecutor's Office be worked
out by the Ministry that proposes it – said Milososki.

A broader meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, probably in Parliament. According to
VMRO-DPMNE MP, the shorthand notes will show the remarks given at the public
hearing at this meeting.
What interests VMRO-DPMNE MPs, he said, is why the head state prosecutor who
spoke about the future prosecution law does not respect the current prosecution law.
– Section 60 of the current prosecution law and Deskoska's proposal in the future has
always been, and will be, when you have a detained public prosecutor the imperative
norm is to have that detained prosecutor removed from the job. As soon as the
prosecutor is removed from the job, whether it is Katica Janeva or another public
prosecutor, that prosecutor cannot delegate orders, tasks or decisions related to the
jurisdiction of his job. That is why we think that the letters Katica Janeva sent out of
detention to Joveski are not love letters for him to hide, nor to bring them and show
them to us in private, but letters that the public should see in order to assess why he
acted illegally and why she did not leave her job at the moment when the authorities
decided to detain her – said Milososki.

According to him, what is noticed by government officials is that their main goal is to
accept any cosmetic changes in the text of the law, for Joveski and Vilma Ruskovska
to retain their positions as long as possible after the change of government.
– Joveski and Ruskovska are public prosecutors by law, and according to the act are
lawyers of Zaev's material and political interests, his family, his closest political
associates. We believe that such positioning of the government is not in favor of the
independence of the prosecution and the effective implementation of the law – said
The VMRO-DPMNE MP says the government is putting itself in the position of failing
the law because they hold it until the last minute, because they have not withdrawn
the official text of the law that is in parliament last year, and because they call the
expert people from the prosecution making remarks without having time to put them
in serious text.

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