People who reported the bomb in the City Mall just wanted to prank their the boss


Two young men, newly hired at the City Mall security, reported to the boss that a
bomb had been planted in the building because they play a practical joke on him,
police said in an investigation into yesterday's incident. The person who reported the
bomb, not only did not say that he was the one who made the prank call, but was

actively involved in the evacuation when the crowds and the stampede left the
The investigation immediately revealed the fake bomb caller via the mobile app he
used to send the message to his boss.
The previous day, the second suspect played the same "joke" on his supervisor, with
an anonymous message that he had planted a bomb under his car.
Yesterday, after reports that a bomb had been set up at City Mall, police evacuated
the entire mall, causing a mess of staff and customers around it. The facility was
searched in detail by a MoI professional unit. IT experts soon discovered the app
and sender of the bomb threat message.
Criminal charges of false reporting were filed against two people employed by City
Mall security.

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