The new EU methodology is disappointing for Macedonia


Brussels is preparing to betray Macedonia and Albania by giving member states stronger veto powers to start and stop EU membership talks.As divisions over the EU accession process widen, the European Commission is trying to heal the wounds and, with a new plan, to give Skopje and Tirana green lightfor membership negotiations. The draft document, prompted by French-led efforts to stop Western Balkan states from joining the EU, laid the groundwork for the bloc’s next argument. The commission is ready to accept “strong calls” in an effort to persuade member states to follow up on enlargement promises, the British Express reports.EU head Ursula von der Leyen cited Macedonia and Albania’s accession talks as a priority for her leadership, while her predecessors, Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk, described Emanuel Macron’s blockade last year as “a grave mistake”.The draft document due out this week contains a list of requirements the bloc is asking its Western Balkan applicants.The consequences are also listed if the two countries fail to meet the tests set by EUleaders as part of membership negotiations.Future talks could be put on hold or suspended as a punishment for failing to meet EU expectations under the plan.But in an effort not to leave Macedonia and Albania too desperate, countries may be given an extra incentive.The rewards include additional funding and closer integration with EU policy, markets and programs in areas where they can be made.France sparked outrage in October by concluding the start of accession talks, backed by the Netherlands and Denmark.Paris has argued that states have not done enough to reduce corruption and strengthen the rule of law.Eurosceptics in Macedonia are now claiming that the EU has betrayed the country after meeting the bloc’s demands, including changing its name, to resolve a long-standing dispute with Greece, Express reports.

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