Are ministers and businessmen exchanging tenders and houses with each other?!


Are government officials and businessmen exchanging favors?A business owner who, especially in the last few years, regularly receives huge tenders for the procurement of medical equipment for state hospitals, which is also a friend of Filipce, is building a house, along with, according to unconfirmed information, health minister’s mother-in-law, Alfa TV reported. Alfa TV’s editorial office had received documentation of the Nerezi facility and a teamwas searching to confirm whether such a house existed and was under construction.The house is being built on a beautiful location where two strong buildings and a dozen workers have been spotted.The house is located in Gorno Nerezi, in the place called Rupe, and according to thecadastral parcels it is spread over 1000 m2.The owners of the parcels that are still plots are listed in the Real Estate Cadastre Agency. They correspond to the names invested on the board in front of the building.Alfa TV attempted to contact the owner of Synergy in order to confirm or deny the information obtained. The company said they were not at work and referred the director, who decided not to respond to reporters’ requests for personal contact with her supervisor.”To verify the information about the same person, we also provided data from the Central Registry, confirming that the home investor’s home address is identical to theone listed in the State Commercial Registry of Companies,” Alfa TV reported. , who also asked Minister Filipce if he was close to the owner of the company Synergy, which, by the way, just a month ago received a tender for the procurement of medical material for the state-run 1.7m-euro traumatology clinic.”He neither confirmed nor denied that his, as he pointed out, not a very close friend, or a regular winner of numerous tenders, was building a house with his wife’s mother. But to Alfa’s direct question whether he had a deal with a friend to have the house as a gift to him, Filipce said with a smile: “I can’t say what I can expect.”The question remains whether officials and business owners have a verbal or writtenagreement “I give you a tender, you give me a house”, although this is not actually against the law. But contracts for the procurement of equipment in public institutions
do not include money out of pocket, but come from funds of ministries or state institutions, which are, however, money from and for the people.

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