K-15 administration measure is a classic bribe, 2020 budget does not include funds for it


Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration Nevenka Stamenkovska Stojkovski, in an interview with the Economic Leader portal, said that the announcement of the Minister Damjan Manchevski for granting K-15 to the state andpublic administration is a classic case of bribing voters in the pre-election period, emphasizing that in the budget for 2020, no funds are allocated for K-15.
“The measure presented by Damjan Manchevski for K-15 of employees of state and public administration in the pre-election period is a classic case of bribery, and so was the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption. However, Manchevski forgot to say that the Ministry of Finance has a negative opinion on this from the SDSM minister and these funds are not foreseen in the 2020 Budget,” Stamenkovska Stojkovski said.When asked how VMRO-DPMNE will overcome the problem with the administration, Stamenkovska Stojkovski emphasized that it is necessary to check the exact numberof employees in each institution and their need “because we have institutions where additional staff are really needed due to the increased workload, but there are also institutions where for the party’s sake SDSM employs too many people who really donot need it.

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