MANU: Regulatory bodies are ineffective, hiring party staff

Regulatory institutions in the country are not efficient, nor sufficiently transparent,
often serving as political clutter and recruiting party cadres, and they often “softly
negotiate” with businesses and therefore bring about harmful solutions to society.
Consumers, meanwhile, are totally powerless, with almost no support, as there is no
sound law in this area yet.
As stated in today’s debate at MANU, due to the inefficiency of market regulation, the
losses of the Macedonian economy exceed 20% of GDP.
“Governments have so far not paid enough attention to regulatory bodies. They were
treated as second- or third-order institutions, used for party deliberations and to
house their own officials. The problems in this area are serious and therefore
transformation is necessary,” said academician Taki Fiti.
According to Fiti, there is a big discrepancy between what the regulatory bodies plan
and realize, and the dissatisfaction with their work with both the citizens and the
economy is great.
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