MPs spent nearly 3 million euros on travel expenses in five years


Members of Parliament have spent about 3 million euros on travel expenses. The report on the analysis of these costs for the period 2015-2019, presented today by the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC), shows that the total cost for the past five years is EUR 2,895,605.

SCPC member Katica Nikolovska while explaining the analysis said that there was a tendency to reduce the cost of transport, with the 2015 MPs’ compensation payments for car use being EUR 770,883, in 2016 – EUR 698,797, 2017 – 512,000, 2018 – 522,930 euros and 2019 – 390,993 euros.

The SCPC also found that in the analyzed period, 23 MPs own their own apartments or apartments owned by their immediate family members located in Skopje, despite the fact that these MPs received allowances for using a car for coming to work, i.e. traveling to Skopje and back.

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