Maricic: It would be a shame if we let Goce Delcev separate Macedonia and Bulgaria


In an interview with RSE, Bojan Maricic, Coordinator for European Affairs at the Government, asked whether the new methodology gave assurance that Bulgaria will not block Macedonia if it did not accept that Goce Delcev was Bulgarian, he said:

“I don’t think that we can put things that way. What is important is to implement the agreement on good neighborly relations and friendship with Bulgaria. It is in the spirit of that agreement that we celebrate some people together, and there are committees working on that.
The political leaderships of both countries are working on it and I don’t think it’s about confirming or admitting Goce Delcev was Bulgarian, but more about ways to make Goce Delcev a uniting symbol even more. As for our country, he is certainly a very important Macedonian hero, for Bulgaria is also an important Bulgarian hero. I think that is a person who can bring us together, it would be really grateful not to separate us. The purpose of the Good Neighborly Treaty is to build trust, friendship, while recognizing the common part of history, as well as recognizing the possibility of a common future”.

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