Mickoski promises 2 billion euros in road investment and new asphalt for 1,000km of regional roads


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski announced at Monday’s news conference a
number of projects they were planning in infrastructure.
"We will build a highway that will take you from Skopje to Bitola in an hour and a half.
This means new road artery, new corridor or new highway connection from Veles,
Caska, Prilep to Bitola, which is of strategic importance for the Pelagonija region and
one million citizens. At the same time, we will build everything that has already been
started, i.e. the highways started and predicted by the VMRO-DPMNE Government,
the Kicevo-Ohrid highway and the Skopje-Blace highway," said Mickoski.

He said they were committed to rebuilding that will bring new asphalt to the country's
regional roads.
"There will be no unpaved regional road, that is, a complete reconstruction of more
than 1,000 kilometers of regional state roads. This means that during one term we
will replace all the old asphalt on all regional roads in the country, ie to Berovo,
Dojran, Delcevo, Pehcevo, Probistip, Resen, Debar, Kicevo, Makedonski Brod, and
other cities will have roads with completely new asphalt. We are committed to
rebuilding which will bring 2 billion euros in road investment,” said the leader of

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