Fake news about Culev are spreading, associations stay silent because the victim is not SDSM


Facebook status posted by VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General Igor Janusev:

“Zaev and the outgoing government are spreading fake news, just like any hybrid regime would.
Yesterday there was news that Nake Culev had resigned, but Nake didn’t even know about it. Then came the second fake news through another “newsletter” on Bihac Street, this time upgraded and extended that all VMRO-DPMNE members in the caretaker government had resigned.

What happened to the reaction of the government, which, may I remind, adopted a strategy to fight against fake news?

Associations are silent because the victim is not SDSM. I’m not going to deal with those who kill the truth, but with the reasons why they do it.

This is fake news and it shows the level of desperation in SDSM, which is trying to shift the attention of the public away from the Racket scandal, VMRO-DPMNE package of measures and the embarrassment of Zaev’s march.

T. The 8% flat tax promised by Mickoski is achievable

President the Chamber of commerce of North-Western Macedonia Nebi Hoxha, answering a media question about how realistic and achievable was the 500 million euro road investment announced by VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, where it was known that in the year without elections the maximum realization was 370 million euro and the promise of eight percent flat tax, welcomed the program and said it is realistic and achievable.

-Businesses demanded that the outgoing Government continues on the path of flat taxation, because its progressive tax scheme is inefficient. If the flat tax is lowered to 8 percent, it would give us an even greater opportunity to invest. If we keep fighting against the gray economy, the program is achievable, said Hoxha.

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