Mizrahi for Haaretz: Macedonians are not anti-Semitists, the attacks were part of a gruesome political scenario


The most circulated newspaper in Israel, Haaretz, published a story related to the
first Jewish minister in Macedonia who was fired after using the country's old name.
Rasela Mizrahi claims for the renowned newspaper that her resignation comes as
politically motivated, not because she spoke in front of a board bearing the name
"Republic of Macedonia".
The paper says the first Jewish minister in North Macedonia was sacked last
weekend after using the country's former name in violation of a controversial
agreement the country has signed with neighboring Greece.
"The dismissal of Rasela Mizahi, initiated by Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski, was
among the latest acts of the interim government in the small Balkan state.
Lawmakers voted 62-26 in favor of Mizrahi's dismissal after she held a press
conference in front of the sign bearing the country's former name, "Republic of
Anti-Semitic attacks were a surprise. "People in Macedonia are not anti-Semitic,"

Mizahi told Haaretz. "I think those attacks are part of a gruesome political scenario
that has risen to the level of anti-Semitism, mentioning yellow stars and nasty verbal
attacks," the paper writes.

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