Pendarovski: I have never met Janeva, I have had photos taken with Boki 13


The President of the Republic Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski is a proponent of a
process of cleansing in the judiciary that would be carried out with international
assistance from the EU. Pendarovski says proven foreign experts should be involved
in the process.
"We need to have someone like Priebe who would manage that situation,"
Pendarovski said in an interview with Kanal 5's “Samo Vistina”.
He does not think that only 15-20 judges should leave their posts but that the
problem is greater.
The head of state declined to comment on the “Racket” case, saying the process
was ongoing. He said that he never met with former Special Prosecutor Katica
Janeva, who is a suspect in the case, as for Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, also a
suspect in the case, Pendarovski said he posed for a photo with him in front of tents
at the government during The Colorful Revolution, and that it is known to the public.

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