40 migrants found in a van near Stip, the driver arrested


A van with 40 license plates, full of 40 migrants, was discovered near the village of
Lakavica near Stip one night before midnight.
On 26.02.2020 at 23:00 on the road Stip-Radovis, police officers from the
Department of Border Affairs and Migration gave a stop sign for a passenger vehicle
"Peugeot" van with Veles license plates, but the driver did not stop and continued
towards Stip.
Near the village Lakavica stopped and during the inspection of the vehicle 40
migrants were found and the driver ZB (39) from Veles was detained and detained at
the Stip Police Station for further proceedings. After the case has been fully
documented, an appropriate report will be filed against him.

T. Angelovska-Bezoska: "NBStat" is a European designed statistics platform

"NBSat" is a European-designed statistical platform, National Bank Governor Anita
Angelovska-Bezoska said in an interview with Banking.com.
"With the support of the European Union, which financially stood behind the project
establishing this statistical tool, we were able to be counted among central banks
that have responded to the challenge of taking advantage of the opportunities
offered by today's technology to provide simpler and more comprehensive access to
statistics. to the different categories of users, taking into account the current
customer needs and the latest trends in this field."
With the structure and options offered by the tool, Angelovska-Bezoska assures,
data users will have one of the best opportunities for advanced monitoring of central
bank statistics internationally, and thus for data usage and analysis.
As Angelovska-Bezoska further points out, now the availability of National Bank
statistics is much better and more appropriate within the global statistical space.
NBStat is a European designed platform – PX web portal, which is one of the most
modern ways of disseminating statistics.

"Among the central banks of the candidate countries for membership of the big
European family we are one of the first to have such a portal. And what is especially
important, among the few that deliver the latest data directly through the PX platform
at the first release, after which they can immediately be subject to more thorough
and detailed reviews and analysis by all concerned."

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