Joveski argues that there is no hidden amnesty in the PPO Law


With the new Law on Public Prosecutor's Office, the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office
for Organized Crime and Corruption has a different position within the public
prosecution network, both in terms of its financial independence and in the handling
of cases. Thus, the Public Prosecutor of the Republic of North Macedonia cannot
take over cases under his jurisdiction without the consent of the Public Prosecutor
who manages this Public Prosecutor's Office, Ljubomir Joveski, State Public
Prosecutor, told MIA in an interview.
He points out that the political interference in the election of the prosecutor who
heads this public prosecutor's office will be eliminated, as the new law provides for
that public prosecutor to elect public prosecutors in direct elections can successfully
tackle serious crimes and corruption.

It is also possible for the Prosecutor's Office to continue to take action on all cases
opened by the SPPO. He argues that the new law does not imply a hidden amnesty
for certain perpetrators.

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