Pregnant workers are particularly protected by labor laws


A worker who immediately after informing her employer that she was pregnant had her employment contract canceled, sought legal help from the Helsinki Committee, after which the case was reported to the State Labor Inspectorate, which after a violation was found to have terminated her employment termination and ordered the employer to give the worker her job back.

The employer, as the Helsinki Committee informs, handed the dismissal to the worker while she was on sick leave on the grounds that she had been absent from work in the previous period, which was a violation of the provisions of the Labor Law, although she had never received any warnings.

– The case is reported to the State Labor Inspectorate, which after the extraordinary inspection supervision found violation of the Law on Labor Relations by the employer and discrimination of the worker. The State Labor Inspectorate with its decision abolished the decision for termination of employment of the female worker and ordered the employer to return the worker to work, informed the Helsinki Committee.

According to the Helsinki Committee, pregnant workers have special protection under Macedonian labor law.

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