Zaev’s coalition partner demanded a redefinition of Macedonia three years ago


The DSM and BESA formed a pre-election coalition yesterday and will jointly run in the early parliamentary elections scheduled for April 12th.

The BESA Movement through its representative Amir Elezi three years ago told Zoran Zaev that the redefinition of Macedonia is a condition for the party to enter into a coalition with SDSM.

– The political moment is that we do not have a mandate yet. Let’s wait for the president of the state to hand over the mandate to the president of SDSM. Then let them come up with an offer for BESA, at least as they say they want to have us in government, then we will decide what is best for the Albanians in Macedonia. We will have an internal debate with the membership, but surely the decision will be made at the highest levels, and that is the central presidency. The BESA movement constantly, keeping in mind the sole purpose of changing and reforming the system here. But what do we have as conditions? Yes, we have the redefinition – said Elezi.

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