The couple who escaped from the Stip hospital was found and placed in isolation

The couple, suspected of coronavirus Covid-19, who escaped Friday from Stip hospital, was found in a house in the vicinity of Vinica, again in isolation, the Ministry of Health said Monday night.

Today, at 2:30 pm, two people in Stip were taken to the Infectious Disease Unit in the Stip Hospital by emergency medical vehicle. One of them had suspicious symptoms of the disease.

According to the regular procedure, a person with symptoms and face-to-face contact was given an epidemiological questionnaire and corona virus testing was started and they were placed in an isolation room. A few hours later they escaped from the hospital.

The Ministry of Interior – Stip intervened immediately after this. The individuals were found in their home in a village near Vinica and kept in isolation until their lab results. Initially, the persons were not in contact with other persons but went directly home.

The two persons were a Macedonian citizen and a Croatian citizen who entered Macedonia at the Tabanovce border crossing point on 26 February. The Ministry of Health is closely monitoring the situation and continues to regularly inform the public.

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