According to Zaev, the bilingual board in Strumica was a mistake


The bilingual sign posted on the Strumica Public Attorney’s Office will soon be removed because it was done “by mistake”,  SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said at today’s press conference, adding that the sign was a mistake because Strumica had less than 20 percent of ethic Albanian population.

It was removed in Kocani and and some other places, so through the prism of honest observance of the Law, what the law provides is the practical need of the citizens. And the use of language is for practical purposes, not for migrating one community over another, but for mutual respect for the rights to use the mother tongue, said Zaev.

Zaev added that bilingual boards exist only in environments where citizens of Albanian ethnicity are more than 20 percent and expressed the belief that boards in Turkish language could also be installed in Gostivar, or Serbian in Kumanovo.

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