Boki 13 had original art paintings at home for advertising


Aleksandar Krtov, gallery owner, testified at today's trial on the "Racket" case, at the
request of defendant Bojan Jovanovski.
He explained that when Jovanovski decorated his home in Orman, he gave him eight
pieces of artwork, to stay with him for several months, for what he said was an
advertisement, since Boki 13 was a well-known Skopje public figure.
-We have not signed a contract, but I have the receipt that I have given Jovanovski
artwork. It is the practice of every gallery, we try to promote it in every way. They
were not reproductions, but originals. There were five paintings by Lichenovski, two
by Martinovski and one by Kodjoman – the witness answered Dukovski's question.

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