Destroying billboards is evidence of SDSM’s fear of defeat


The destruction of billboards is evidence of the nervousness and panic that ruled the

– The reason for the demolition of the billboards that speak the truth about Zoran
Zaev is the fear in the ruling party of facing responsibility and another attempt to
censor the truth. While Zaev is rich, two million impoverished is the truth about
Zaev's crime, which his prosecution and court amnestied on a "track-by-principle"
basis, the party said in a statement.
"Violence, censorship and crime are hallmarks of Zoran Zaev's hybrid regime. It will
not stop us, but it encourages us to continue to speak the truth about how Zaev rules
the country. We cannot be the most criminal country in Europe, and Zaev is
innocent. He is the creator and brain of the racket in Macedonia".

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