Diaspora to register by March 11th, voting will take place on April 11 th


There is an active registration of our citizens living in the Diaspora for their voting in
the Macedonian diplomatic and consular missions abroad. Anyone residing/living in
the diaspora is eligible to vote in the parliamentary elections in Macedonia on April
11, and all that needs to be done is:
Step 1: Register by March 11th at https://dijaspora.sec.mk/ and indicate in which
embassy / consulate closest to you will cast your vote
Step 2: For registration, you need a valid MK passport, as well as some document
proving that you are abroad (visa, residence permit, green card, MK passport, etc.).
With its voting, the Diaspora will be able to elect its own representative in the
Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, representing its interests.
In order for voting to take place, more than 6700 citizens have to register. The
current number is 1,600, there are still a few days left to register, rumors are that the
diaspora can meet the required number.

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