If Zaev is against the renaming of schools, the government should annul the decision


If Zoran Zaev does not approve the renaming of the schools, let him make a decision
of the SDSM Government to annul the decision, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE
"The SDSM government today illegally changed the names of the schools 'Nikola
Vapcarov' and 'Rajko Zinzifov' to ‘Ismail Qemali’ and 'Imri Elezi' in Cair. The SDSM
government changed the names of the schools without a decision of the Council and
without a Badinter majority. Zaev is a hypocrite and without shame comes out to lie
to the public. Zaev knew about this change and approved it, just as he knows about
the decisions of the PPO and the Supreme Court. Zaev is the man who has brought
the whole country under his control. Changing school names is a cheap populist
attempt to get votes in the Cair municipality. If Zaev does not approve this renaming,
then the SDSM government should make a decision to annul the decision," reads the

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