Coronavirus raises uncertainties over the April 12 elections


It is uncertain how measures to prevent coronavirus in the country, but also in European countries, due to a possible diaspora vote, will reflect the planned early parliamentary elections scheduled for April 12. A meeting of the prime minister and leaders of the main political parties is scheduled for Thursday, with the next steps expected. Meanwhile, the deadlines for the elections provided by the State Election Commission (SEC) are running out.

Macedonian citizens living and working abroad have the opportunity to apply by midnight tonight to vote in the early parliamentary elections scheduled for April 12. They can also access their voter lists, as well as voters in the country, by midnight through the SEC’s web application on the website, and in the country and the SEC’s regional offices and offices.
It is uncertain whether there will be a vote in the diaspora, given that it requires reports from more than 6,540 diaspora voters, as much as the MP won the least votes in the last election. And if there are elections, it is uncertain whether they will be able to be conducted and organized in areas that are quarantined due to KOVID-19, like Venice, where more than 400 voters have registered to vote.

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