Police patrols controlling people in self-isolation


Police officers are controlling people in self-isolation due to the conoravirus. Info-fliers are distributed at border crossings and passengers coming from high-risk countries are interviewed, said Minister of Interior Nake Culev on Wednesday.

The MoI is enforcing these measures at five land crossings and two airports in the country.

“Red Cross volunteers are currently active at Tabanovce and Deve Bair border crossings, while border police officers are interviewing potential coronavirus cases at other crossings. Regarding the people in self-isolation, the police is properly controlling them,” Minister Culev told reporters.

Police officers have been instructed to conduct an interview of citizens coming from high-risk countries, based on their assessment, and call a team from the Ministry of Health.

“The citizens might not report by themselves, he/she might be detected by the border police on the inspection of their passport,” added Culev.

According to him, additional protective equipment is being procured due to the increased exposure to risk.

“This includes protective gloves and masks. MoI members will also use masks with a higher degree of protection when inspecting buses and other means for group transport. In addition, disinfectants will also be distributed to police stations,” said Culev.


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