The first candidates’ lists for the April 12 elections confirmed


The State Election Commission (SEC) at today's session confirmed the candidate
lists for the Voice for Macedonia party for five election districts.
SEC President Oliver Derkoski informed that other lists of political parties should be
confirmed tomorrow afternoon or no later than Tuesday, pointing out that according
to the latest amendments to the Electoral Code, the procedure for checking
candidates is now taking longer. The convictions for non-convictions and other data
are checked through the courts by the SEC, and the courts have 24 hours to
respond electronically and then submit the documents to the Commission by mail.
There is also a deadline for removing the irregularities in the lists.
SEC member Elizabeta Postolovska pointed out that some of the lists that have yet
to be confirmed have noted some irregularities, such as the failure to comply with the
statutory provision on the men – women ratio on the lists.

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