Despite all calls, 1,331 citizens left the country in less than 24 hours


Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov posted late last night on his Facebook profile that despite calls not to travel, from yesterday until yesterday morning, the number of Macedonian citizens who have left the country is 1,331.

“I don’t want to get into the motives. Perhaps all of these trips were necessary. But I have a duty to warn of the alarming situation everywhere. I have the impression that the situation in the region, Europe and the world is insufficiently clear, Dimitrov wrote on Facebook.

He reminded that states lower ramps constantly, airports are closed, border regimes are changed, foreign nationals are banned, rules are changed every few hours.

The FM underlines that “in the face of such a huge global crisis caused by the virus pandemic, with complete unpredictability on a daily basis, we cannot absolutely guarantee that you will be able to come home when you are planning.”

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