Mickoski: The country must declare state of emergency now, the situation is alarming


Let’s  not get into legal dilemmas, let’s get involved in resolving citizen problems, we are calling for a state of emergency immediately, the situation in the country is alarming, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski told reporters Wednesday.

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski today called on President Stevo Pendarovski to declare a state of emergency immediately.

“The Government is lagging with the measures it should take, and the crisis is deepening, I appeal on President Pendarovski to declare a state of emergency, under the Constitution, as soon as possible, noted Mickoski.

He said that urgent action by the government and decision-making would imply more serious fiscal implications and greater mobility of institutions in dealing with the situation.

“That’s why I asked for declaring a crisis situation six days ago. Yesterday a new dilemma was imposed and that dilemma is present in the public to declare a crisis or a state of emergency, “added Mickoski.

I have called for declaring a crisis situation because it is of a higher degree in the seriousness of the approach, the quality and the mobility of dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus. Unlike the introduction of a state of Emergency in which all power is concentrated in the hands of one person, you will agree that it is not democratic. But this, in this case as well, is secondary, as it is primarily the health of the citizens and urgent action,” the VMRO-DPMNE leader added.

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