Humanitarian flights for citizens stuck in other countries, quarantine upon return


A special humanitarian flight plan will be drawn up for citizens found in other countries, but after returning to the country they will have to spend an adequate number of days in quarantine, Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski wrote on his official Facebook account on Tuesday, informing of the decisions made at today’s government session.

“At this session we also reviewed the information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the number of our citizens who have found this situation in other countries. To provide them with the opportunity to return to the country, a special plan for humanitarian flights will be prepared and their legal obligation will be when they return to accept that they will have to spend an adequate number of days in quarantine for their safety and the safety of all other citizens,” says Spasovski.

The Ministry of Defense, the Army and the Ministry of Interior are also tasked with preparing an analysis and plan for eventual introduction of much more restrictive measures for the movement of citizens.
“Based on their analysis, the government will make appropriate decisions,” wrote Spasovski.

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