Army to aid in tackling coronavirus and the pandemic


The Army will be sent wherever it is needed, Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska said at a news conference today, clarifying that such ordinance had been enacted by legal force, under which an operational headquarters had been established between the police and the army.

Minister Sekerinska was resolute that the army will be the first line of defense to stem the spread of the coronavirus and protect the health of citizens.

The first will be to completely take over control of securing the borders.
The second will be to take part in mixed teams of police officers and soldiers, which will perform checks at townships’ exits and their entrances, especially in hardest-hit regions, as well as patrol certain areas.

The third will be, during this period, to safeguard the security of vital locations, which have so far been guarded by the police, such as the Parliament, the Government, the prisons, etc.

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