Central Bank Guvernor thinks banks can allow the credit installments to be delayed


Regulatory changes provide more favorable conditions for citizens and companies not only in terms of delay in servicing liabilities, but also in terms of other lending terms, said National Bank Governor Anita Angelovska-Bezoska.

“The bundle of opportunities to temporarily ease the financial burden on borrowers who are already facing, or may in the future face real difficulties in settling their obligations to banks and savings houses caused by the coronavirus situation made possible by yesterday’s regulatory changes it could be much more favorable than a measure to freeze credit liabilities, if applied effectively,” said Governor Angelovska-Bezoska.

According to Bezoska, besides delaying the payment obligation, which according to our decision can be longer than three months, it is possible to change other conditions – interest rate, total maturity of the loan, etc., and we have changed the deadline for non-performing loans. Therefore, the package contained in the decision is much broader.

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