VMRO-DPMNE calls citizens to buy Macedonian products


The corona virus has hit health, but it has hit the economy as well. The damage to the Macedonian companies is huge, said Orce Gjorgjievski of VMRO-DPMNE in his address.

Those companies where we work, where you, our close relatives, neighbors, families, lose tens and hundreds of millions of euros every month. The joint fight against the pandemic must go hand in hand with the struggle to preserve and assist the domestic economy. To act responsibly and conscientiously, to treat our country with love, buy products manufactured in the Republic of Macedonia. Let’s help Macedonian companies together, save jobs. It’s simple, buy Macedonian products. Not only because they are the best, but also to help ourselves, he said.

Buy Macedonian products, because we all love Macedonia, Gjorgjievski added.

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