Ohrid Group: The decision to start accession talks is a great day for both Macedonia and the EU


A congratulatory message from the European Union on the launch of accession negotiations with North Macedonia in a letter to President Stevo Pendarovski sent by the Ohrid Group, signed by former NATO Secretary General Lord George Robertson.

“This is great news and I’m thrilled. This is a great day for Macedonians. The aspiration of generations is a step closer to reality. This is a great day for the rest of the Balkans as well. The success of one country is the success of the whole region,” Robertson said in a letter Tuesday.

However, he points out that this a great day for Europe as well. By fulfilling its obligations even under the terrible circumstances we are now experiencing, Europe, the letter says, has once again proved itself to be a community of values.

“It’s been almost 19 years since we worked together on the Ohrid Agreement. We both believed that your country would one day be an essential member of the European family, its security guaranteed by NATO, and its economic future by the European Union. I know, there is a long way to go before you and your people can see the true benefits of membership, but this is a huge step and a great achievement for your nation. Once we have overcome this terrible virus, we can all face the future with renewed confidence,” reads a letter from Robertson to Pendarovski.

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