Businesses say government anti-crisis measures are overdue and insufficient


Measures taken by the government to help the Macedonian economy deal with the economic crisis as a result of the coronavirus pandemic are not enough, and those small packages of measures are overdue, Northwest Chamber of Commerce President Nebi Hoxha said on Wednesday.

Hoxha said, among other things, that the government should have taken more serious measures earlier. He also stressed that businessmen do not seek the help of the state, but that they are obliged to return the money they owe.
“In the context of the situation, we have many state institutions that have debts to private companies. So let’s not give them help, but let them return the money they owe us, it will help a lot, the companies to keep their liquidity,” said Hoxha.

“The state budget should be rebalanced urgently, funds should be realized, unproductive investments should be withdrawn and those funds should be concentrated on maintaining the economy,” said Nebi Hoxha, president of the Northwest Chamber of Commerce.

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