Five patients die, 53 new coronavirus cases registered


53 new patients have tested positive for coronavirus in the country over the past 24
hours, bringing the total number of cases to 483.
A 71-year-old woman from the village of Labunishta near Struga and a 77-year-old
man from Kumanovo, who were hospitalized in very critical condition, have passed
away at the Skopje-based Clinic for Infectious Diseases.
The Institute of Public Health said that two more COVID-19 deaths have been
registered. The first case is patient from Veles, who died a few days ago, and has
positive post-mortem result and other case is a foreign citizen who lived in Skopje for
four months.
Health Ministry said that the patient from Kumanovo who died on April 2 at the Clinic
for Infectious Diseases, and whose positive result on COVID-19 was confirmed
Friday afternoon, as a case of a positive and deceased patient, in the Institute of
Public Health statistics will also be recorded in today’s report. With this, five more
deaths from COVID-19 are recorded in today’s statistics.
The total death toll is 17, while 20 patients have been cured.
At the moment, 61 patients are hospitalized at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, 11
of them are put on ventilators.

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