Opposition warns: We must not allow the trend of sick doctors to continue


In the moments when we are in our homes and when the measures for prevention of coronavirus are in force, the medical staff, doctors, nurses and paramedics are the heroes of our time. Without them, the fight against coronavirus would have been lost. These are people who risk their lives to save ours, said VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General Igor Janusev in his address.

-As a country, we must rise above the daily party squabbles and show seriousness just as doctors and all health professionals with great commitment are fighting for people’s lives. We can only help in that battle. To help, we need to acknowledge the shortcomings of our system. Medical staff are facing a shortage of protective equipment. Doctors and nurses do not have spacesuits and in the wake of a pandemic with an infectious disease they move as in normal conditions and lack visors, gloves and protective masks. Doctors and medical staff are literally naked, and their health is at stake. This makes us vulnerable as a state. The Republic of Macedonia has a limited capacity of doctors and medical staff. We must not allow the trend of sick doctors to continue, says Janusev.

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