Bulgaria puts obstacles in Macedonia’s EU path: neither Macedonians in Bulgaria nor Macedonian language


Macedonia will have to forget about the “Macedonian minority in Bulgaria” and the “Macedonian language” and use only the “official language of RNM”, it will have to work quickly with the commission on historical issues… if it wants to continue negotiations with the EU, reads a document obtained by the MKD.mk news website.

In the conversation on this topic, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov said that in this Statement there were very one-sided conditions that were contrary to the Treaty on Friendship and Good Neighborliness.

This statement by Bulgaria became part of the summary of the EU enlargement conclusion and the date for negotiations for Macedonia and Albania. With this, Bulgaria conditions the holding of an intergovernmental conference on the final definition of the negotiating package for the start of accession negotiations for Macedonia and Albania.

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