Measures producing results now, assures Health Minister


All preventive measures we have enforced until now – movement restrictions, recommendations for organization of work and physical distancing – are now producing results. All of this has led to a linear rise in patients, who can be properly treated in hospitals, said Health Minister Venko Filipce during an online video session on Saturday.

Minister Filipce said the hospital capacities are not fully used, with the Clinic for Infectious Diseases half-full, September 8 hospital at about 20 percent, and other hospitals with small percentages of usage.

He said all additional measures, such as lockdown weekends, extension of the curfew during weekdays and separation of the elderly and the youth have been enforced on time.

“I believe they will also produce results in the coming period in the sense of significantly reducing the disease transmission, so that the number of new patients gradually decreases, leading to restrictive measures being eased down,” said Filipce.

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