WizzAir suspends flights to and from Macedonia until May 16


The low-cost airline carrier WizzAir announced on Friday that as a result of extended travel restrictions for all foreign flights to and from Macedonia, it continues to suspend flights to the country until May 16.

Passengers with reserved tickets affected by these suspended flights who have made reservations directly on wizzair.com or on the airline’s mobile application will be automatically notified via email.

120% of the total amount will be automatically transferred to the WizzAir account of the user, and they will be able to use them during the next 24 months to purchase all WizzAir products and services.

Travelers can also choose the option of refunding money – which will take a long time – and will be informed of all the necessary steps to transfer money via bank or card in a separate e-mail. In this case, passengers will be able to choose a 100% refund. Travelers booking through travel agencies – including online travel agencies – should contact the company through which they purchased their tickets.

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