Kumanovo mayor waits for the report and permission to return to work


The inspector to submit the report from the State Sanitary Inspectorate to the
Municipal Headquarters urgently, requires the Kumanovo Mayor Maksim
Dimitrievski. He said he would not back down and claimed that the government had
organized a meeting in Kumanovo attended by Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski,
Minister Venko Filipce and Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani, after which
Dimitrievski tested positive for coronavirus, and government officials are now in
"The lack of coordination and mutual information in the Ministry of Health and the
bodies under their jurisdiction that members of the municipal headquarters were
tested three days earlier at the request of epidemiologists is astonishing,"
Dimitrievski said.
He is confident that none of the members knew that he was positive, although the
results in the Center for Public Health were ready that day, nor was there a protocol
for mandatory self-isolation after the test.
Dimitrievski tested negative to coronavirus on two tests that he did on his own, and
now he waits for permission to go back to work.

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