Macedonia also surpasses Slovenia in number of COVID-19 cases


Macedonia has officially surpassed Slovenia in terms of the number of cases of HIV/AIDS. According to the latest information from yesterday, the total number of cobwebs diagnosed in our country is 1,421, and in Slovenia it is 1,408.

Slovenia is a country that has a real number of inhabitants living in the country, over 2 million, while in Macedonia the number is much lower.

Also a risk factor for Slovenia is that it borders Northern Italy, the region most affected by the coronavirus, and by mid-March the border with Italy was open.

Macedonia is also at the top of the list of the most dead of the coronavirus compared to neighboring countries. So far, there have been 71 deaths, or 34 deaths per 1 million inhabitants. Greece has 13, Bulgaria 8, Albania 1o, Serbia 19, Croatia 15, BiH 19.

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