Mandatory masks on Wizz Air flights


Wizz Air low cost airline has announced that as of 1 May it will introduce additional hygiene measures to ensure the health and well-being of its customers and crew.

“In order to make sure that the health and well-being of passengers and crew remain intact, Wizz Air is implementing new protocols – in line with government regulations – to support physical distancing during boarding and enhanced cleanliness on board. As part of the measures to protect the health of the airline’s customers and crew, customers should check-in and make any purchases online, such as paying for additional bags, to reduce non-essential interaction at the airport. The use of the self-bag drop kiosks – where available – and fast track security screening at airports, are highly recommended by the airline to further enhance physical distancing during the pre-boarding phase. In an attempt to contain the spread of possible infection, passengers are kindly asked to adhere to the new physical distancing rules both during boarding and disembarkation,” Wizz Air says in a statement.

While the HEPA filters of all Wizz Air aircraft filter out 99.7% of viruses and bacteria from the air within the cabin, the crew as well as passengers will be required to wear masks throughout the flight, it adds.

“Cabin crew will distribute sanitizing wipes to each passenger, while the removal of onboard magazines and the encouragement of contactless payment during onboard purchases are measures introduced to minimize physical contact. On flights where load factor allows, the crew will observe seat distancing for passengers,” says Wizz Air.


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