Constitutional Court to return MPs to work!?


Unofficially, the Constitutional Court will reconsider the decision for dissolving the
Parliament. According to unofficial information, the constitutional judges would
consider the legal reason for the decision to dissolve the Parliament.
In the court, as Alsat reported, they believe that the goal for which the Parliament
was dissolved has not been realized and all the deadlines for the elections have
been breached and thus the reasons why the Parliament dissolved no longer exist.
Ten days ago, the Constitutional Court ruled that there were no grounds to decide on
the initiative to assess the constitutionality of the decision to dissolve the Parliament
submitted by the World Macedonian Congress.
However, the Constitutional Court now considers that the situation has changed and
that they will return to this issue once again. The decision of the Constitutional Court
could overturn the decision to dissolve the Parliament and the MPs to return to work.

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