Two men from Stip sentenced to 2,5 years in prison for assaulting a girl


23-year-old P.R. and 26-year-old S.A., both from Shtip, received a prison sentence
of two and a half years for brutally assaulting a young woman. The two remain in
custody in Kumanovo, where they are being held until the verdict becomes final.
This is the verdict that was previously handed down to them in the Basic Court in
Stip. Neither the defendants nor their lawyer were present at the sentencing.
Judge Juliana Netkova takes the fact that the two have not been convicted so far as
a mitigating circumstance, while it is aggravating that the video, which was made
public, shows the brutality with which the girl was assaulted. They both pleaded
guilty before the court.

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