Government and trade unions define proposals on financial support to salaries


Government and trade unions have defined proposals that represent a good foundation for a solution on financial support of salaries for workers and keeping jobs, said Interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski.

“Today I had a constructive meeting with representatives of trade unions and civil society organizations in the field  of workers’ rights, discussing the Government’s decree on financial support for salaries of workers and keeping jobs. We agreed that the economic-social dialogue will continue to intensify, towards preventing the economic effects of the crisis,” PM Spasovski wrote in a Facebook post.

Earlier in the day, the Government said they have defined proposals together with the trade unions, which represent a good foundation for a solution on financial support of workers’ salaries and keeping jobs.

Government and civil society representatives expressed commitment to sooner settlement of open issues, for the purpose of implementing the measure for job protection and regular salaries in time of crisis.

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