Bulgaria’s document is a consequence of the Government’s incompetent diplomacy


In the past two weeks, it has become quite clear that Macedonia’s European integration is facing a major obstacle. Bulgaria’s document, which conditions the country’s integration and the continuation of the path to the EU, is a consequence of incompetent diplomacy and is another fiasco of Zaev’s government. A document that was hidden from the public in order for no one to know about it brought Macedonia before the final act, says VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski.

“What is most frightening is that there is silence from the Government, from Zaev and direct protection from Stevo Pendarovski. I want to point out three things. First, Zoran Zaev is silent about the whole scandal. He just disappeared from the public eye! He is nowhere to be found! The fact is that he is the most influential person in the government. As leader of the ruling party, he has the greatest influence on the government, so it remains unclear why he disappeared from the public eye and made no comment.

The people want and must know whether Zaev agrees that we speak a non-Macedonian language but a so-called language norm of a foreign language that should be called the official language of Macedonia, Zaev should say whether he agrees with the deletion of the Macedonian people and Macedonian history. He should also say whether he agrees with these blackmails that are being imposed on Macedonia, and most importantly to say what he will do to prevent this. Because right now he has the whole power,” said Nikoloski.

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