Infectologist: The only justified measures were closing schools and kindergartens and banning rallies


The only justified measures taken by the authorities to prevent the spread of coronavirus are the closure of schools and kindergartens and the ban on rallies, says Infectious Diseases Specialist Velo Markovski.

According to him, these measures were enough to prolong the curve and prevent an explosion of severely ill people.

– We now have infected or positive, but we don’thave a lot of pressure at once, such as an explosion where, say, 1,000 seriously ill people could not be treated. Those measures were sufficient. If these measures are taken, we would probably have 100 percent more positive and 100 percent more severely ill. However, our facilities at the Infectious Diseases Clinic alone are not even half full, let alone the other hospitals that were planned. So, in my opinion, those measures were too strict, says Markovski.

According to the specialist, staying at home will prevent other diseases. However, other cardiovascular diseases will reemerge, and mental health will also be in danger.

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