Coronavirus screening testing for healthcare workers, kindergartens, police, JSP workers


The Center for Public Health in Skopje, along with the Institute of Public Health, is
making a plan for screening of persons who are considered to be in critical
categories such as health workers, employees in kindergartens, employees in

nursing homes, members of the police, drivers in JSP and taxi drivers, employees of
public services (counter workers), patients before hospitalization, informs the
Ministry of Health.
– The screening, which will be done with PCR tests, will provide a better assessment
of the possibility of loosening the restrictive measures, but will also significantly
increase the number of tests. In the coming days, the new algorithm will be ready
and the targeted number of tests to be performed daily will be defined. Age clusters
and chronic diseases would be included in future studies to see the population's
susceptibility to the virus. Family doctors will receive the new algorithm and will
schedule tests on a number of people through MojTermin according to the
capabilities of the system on a daily basis, the Ministry said.

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