Epidemiologist Danilovski: If we immediately and completely closed borders, there would not have been any hotspots


Prof. Dr. Dragan Danilovski, epidemiology specialist, says that the fact that the
borders of the country were not closed immediately created hotspots as it was in
– We also took restrictive measures, we closed borders but we did not close them
immediately and completely. Allegedly, according to the Constitution, we must not
prevent our citizens, our nationals from entering their own homeland. Ok, in a way, I
would say that from an epidemiological point of view, someone would say that I am
inappropriately expressing myself, but only from an epidemiological point of view, not
from the aspect of respect for human rights, constitutional freedoms, etc. From an
epidemiological point of view, that affected us the way it did, said Danilovski.
Danilovski added that that was the reason hotspots were created in Debar, and then
it escalated to other places.

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