PPE exports jumped almost 300%, let’s be proud of domestic companies


The nation should be proud of its textile industry, which “adapted fast [to the coronacrisis] and has been manufacturing personal protective equipment at maximum capacity!,” Finance Minister Nina Angelovska wrote on Facebook.

“Our exports of masks, one-piece safety suits, and other PPE has jumped almost 300 percent this April compared to April of last year. Macedonian masks and equipment will protect the health of thousands of people around the world,” Minister Angelovska said.

We have exported the most PPE, value-wise, to Germany, Qatar, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria, according to Angelovska.

She noted the ability to quickly adapt to change is what separates successful industries from others.

“They are sewing masks, one-piece safety suits, PPE gowns, and even PPE bags and PPE cases,” she wrote, pointing out that exports of “other textile products” increased from Mden 135 million in April 2019 to Mden 390 million in April 2020.

This serves as an example for everyone, Angelovska stressed, adding that those businesses which adapt the fastest will overcome the crisis the soonest.

“Let’s try to look for opportunities in problems instead of problems in opportunities,” urges Angelovska.

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